Masterbatches: infinite colors for plastic

Anyone who ventures into the world of plastic for the first time and discovers a reality like ours, could ask this question: what are color masterbatches? Let’s explain it very simply: basically they are small balls of colored plastic. It is a concentrate of pigments - that is color - and additives which, in order to work, require dilution into polymer resin, which means plastic. Some would say that these "balls" are a concentrate in which the colors are "zipped" into a polymer-based "folder", called carrier. The melting of the material in the carrier gives the product several properties, primarily the color.

Our Services


Designed for you. We produce masterbatches to realize all your projects. We create infinite formulations which precisely reproduce the most well-known color catalogs. We study solutions for special requests, also including a wide range of additives. We guarantee that the materials are certified in accordance with legislative rules for each final market.

After-sales assistance

We take care of you. We are trusted partners that you can rely on throughout the production process and even later. Our technicians are available to intervene on site to follow your special projects together. The back office team is always ready to support you for any need and for the resolution of any doubts.

Technical support

We support you in product analysis and identifying any possible issues. We devise together methods for the refinement of the final article manufacturing. We help you to define possible process changes through color mapping, this defines a precise color standard and the route to follow in case of alterations.

Services for recycled plastic

We support your eco-sustainable choices, formulating masterbatches to be used with recycled plastic. Thanks to the chemical composition of the pigments and their percentage of use, we do not affect the recyclability of the final product. We support you in the study of color corrections through the analysis of the plastic waste bases at your disposal.

When colors are not enough

Ray: in our case "ray of light". Light, actually, is composed of radiation of different wavelengths that allow us to perceive colors. This phenomenon, called color vision, is our soul. Explore the world of our masterbatches.


Masterbatches that, using very few ingredients, replicate the best-known color catalogs.


Concentrated masterbatches to best color your product. Special effects to surprise.


Developed not only to color, but also to give specific technical performances.


Our products specifically dedicated to the circular economy and sustainability, to realize all your green projects.


Masterbatches with peculiar properties, developed for automatic optical reading detection.