The Raylif family includes our products dedicated to the circular economy, designed to realize the most ambitious eco dreams. These are solutions for bioplastic, which can be used directly in your production. What's more, if the need is to color biodegradable plastic, without compromising its characteristics, we offer you masterbatches with biofiller and organic pigments.


The question is clear: how to color the PLA and bioplastics while maintaining the benefits for the environment? To answer this question, our chemists, through an in-depth academic study on bioplastic, mapped the pigments already used in the plastic coloring. They were able to identify those that do not compromise the biodegradability and the compostability of the product. The masterbatch that we offer you to color PLA, WPC and Mater-Bi, consists of a set of organic pigments and carriers based on biodegradable polymers which are chemically suitable. These ensure that the final product is not altered.


Reducing the ecological impact is the topic faced daily by those who work in the controversial plastic industry. Finally, the dream of realizing a masterbatch with reduced environmental impact has come true through the Agricycle line. This masterbatch combines bio fillers, that are organic waste derived from agriculture, with pigments and additives to offer an ecological product with controlled coloring. This can be achieved regardless of the starting vegetal base. Its natural origin gives it technically functional characteristics and makes it easily recyclable. The **bioplastic **composed in this way is aesthetically unique thanks to the vegetal fillers that give a unique texture and lighten the carbon footprint.

Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate is a biopolymer, since the origin of its composition is vegetal. It is a material with a biological heart, plasticized following the most modern technologies. Its peculiar characteristics are extremely customizable as they depend on its tailored formulation. The generic characteristic of this bioplastic is the excellent transparency that allows varied aesthetic effects and colors. Moreover, it also has good rigidity and strength.