The main feature of any Raycom color masterbatch is performance. The line includes products with high color functions, surprising aesthetic performance and some commodity materials. They are suitable for every industry, even for those who come from the world of compounding.


Specific types of carbon black or titanium dioxide distinguish the formulations of our special black and white masters. They are designed to have high functional performances. Examples are conductive blacks, for electrostatic discharge, and durable whites, suitable for outdoor use. These color masterbatch meet the needs of aesthetics and regulatory compliance. We use carbon black derived only from certified waste, while we have dedicated an entire production line to our white colors to avoid contamination and abrasion.


The coloring strength of a pigment depends on its specific surface that can interact with light. Monobatches are based precisely on this scientific concept. They are formulated with a single pigment but, unlike those in powder, they promise a better result since they disperse more evenly. This guarantees a constant and strong coloring performance. They can be used like any other granulate. In addition, as there is no need for specific treatments or cleaning, choosing this product allows you to be more attentive to the environment and to reduce industrial costs.