The Raylen line collects our most classic products, characterized by customization for specific projects. Thanks to the employment of mechanically processed raw materials and without added chemistry, it is possible to obtain formulations capable of reproducing as faithfully as possible all the shades of the best-known color catalogs.


Imagine a color for your product: done? Good. We can make it real. Calling things by the same name is like having an atlas common to everyone, that defines the points of a clear path to follow. For this reason, referring to precise color catalogs is an important method that allows us to speak the same language. Our Atlas line includes pure color formulations, without adding any additive. They are designed to reproduce as faithfully as possible all the infinite shades of the best-known color brands, identified through specific names and codes.


Bright glitter, metallic colors, delicate mother-of-pearl. These wonderful special effects for plastic, are known as luster effects. These are products containing microscopic flakes of aluminum or mica. These materials reflect light when light rays hit their surface, giving effects such as shine and brilliance. The result may vary depending on the density of the product and the refractive surface. The larger the flake, the more visible the single glitter will be. By playing with these ingredients, you can create unique effects.