Nowadays, safety and ecology characterize modern life. The Rayopt line is our solution to simplify these aspects. The masterbatches are designed to employ automatic optical reading technology. The aim is to promote recycling thanks to carbon black free pigments, to combat counterfeiting crimes and to support industrial processes.


Those involved in the production of recyclable plastic products face a dilemma: which dark masterbatch to choose? This is because the carbon black pigment used to produce all the dark shades (black, burgundy, dark blue...) is not detectable by the optical separators in sorting centers. This makes the product undetectable and, consequently, unrecyclable. NIR line consists of our Carbon Black free masterbatch. The use of this cutting-edge technology also gives the final product additional benefits, such as lower thermal degradation of the plastic and better color strength.


To solve the problem of counterfeiting, which is highly widespread today, our laboratory team has designed an innovative solution to mark plastic with unique chemical fingerprints. Detech are masterbatches which, combined with some chemical substances with specific and detectable characteristics, make the product traceable throughout the entire supply chain. This is made possible thanks to an IT solution of chemical trace recording, digital storage and data sharing via blockchain technology, created in collaboration with 7bridges, a company known in the software solutions area.


Around us, we find laser marking on all the batched products. As always, color plays a fundamental role even in this area. Let's explain: the application of laser marking occurs through the "burning" of the material and not all pigments ease the process. Lasermark are mica-based products, which not only favor laser marking, but make it much more evident. The additive masterbatch we described is of two types: the first highlights the burn in light colors, while the second makes it stand out in dark colors, fading.