Plastic coloring: our world

The beginning of our story

Sometimes, the most exciting stories come from unexpected intuitions. But let’s take a few steps back and start the story from the beginning.

We are in Italy, in the Sixties. At the time, the most common coloring elements used in the newly born sector of plastics were the powdered pigments. These, however, not only dispersed unevenly in the product, causing technical issues, but also included a poor range of shades. The most critical problem in the world of plastic coloring was precisely monochromy.

Enzo Parolin, passionate in color chemistry and expert in the field of plastics, took up this challenge and started looking for a new solution. But how could he have predicted that he would discover a completely new plastic coloring product, starting the story of a company that still lives today?

The revolutionary discovery

In 1972, after years of effort, in the kitchen of Enzo’s house, his studies in chemistry and physics paid off. The recipe for a new method of encapsulating pigments was born, by mixing them with wax: the masterbatch.

Together with a friend, Renzo Gaiani, Enzo founded Gaypa, whose name is the result of the union of the two surnames. Their desire was to introduce new products for plastic coloring into the market. One step at a time, they managed to make the sector aware of this innovative product as a valid alternative to powder pigment, gradually conquering the local and even foreign market.

Today, the company has grown to the point of needing to change the headquarters. To accommodate all the color requests, a simple kitchen is no longer enough! The baton has been passed to the entire Gaypa team, who carries forward a story that began over 50 years ago.

Who we are today

Throughout our history, we have become passionate about experimenting with the product for coloring plastic we invented.

Protect milk from UV rays, prevent the warping of a chair under the sun of Abu Dhabi, help recycle the black packaging of a lipstick… These are just a few examples of the challenges our customers face. Thanks to all these experiences gained over the years, we can be your trusted partners. Do you need to color recycled plastic? Can't reproduce the shade your designers chose? Would you like to make the object you always lose in your bag glow-in-the-dark? So many puzzles to solve every day. You have already turned to many and no one has been able to give you an answer... but now you are in the right place!

We offer you only quality products, carefully designed in an ethical environment. We are passionate about science and love challenges: we can't wait to hear about your project!

A New adventure

n 2023, over 50 years after the discovery that revolutionized the world of plastics, Gaypa peeked into the European market and encountered someone with a similar story.

More than 30 years ago, in Germany, the Grafe family created a reality just like Gaypa, specializing in the production of technical masterbatch and compounds. Plastic coloring was their goal, to make the world more colorful every day.

Are they succeeding? Absolutely! In no time, they became a very significant presence. In the company Grafe, Gaypa found a new companion to venture into the global market. Thus, the two entities formed a special alliance, and today Gaypa has become part of this new large family known as the Grafe Group.

I got my (i)on you!

Projects that you might feel like an arduous mountain to climb are perceived by our laboratory team as an exciting roller coaster. Indeed, many product lines we offer were created to solve our customers' scientific dilemmas. For this reason, in Gaypa, we are proud of those who animate the laboratory. The presence of technicians and great chemistry and physics experts dedicated to Research and Development give our reality a robust and wide scientific base. This will allow you to set off on a journey to discover the world of materials science with great confidence, because accompanied by highly qualified guides.

Let's work together

Become our partner: together we will make your wildest dreams come true! All your proposals will be analyzed by our team, who will formulate the best solution for you.