It all started with an intuition, in 1972

At the beginning of the history of every great company there is always a garage. In our case there is a kitchen.

In those years in Italy, companies working in the plastics sector had a problem: they couldn't give vent to their imagination. In fact, plastic products could only be of a few colors: the warehouses were immense expanses of white, black, gray and a few other shades.

However, something happened in that kitchen, where Enzo Parolin, mixing wax with colored pigments, gave life to something revolutionary: the masterbatch.

Masterbatch tailored for you

The best colorist is nature. We have borrowed from her palette the blue of the sea, the magenta of dawn, the yellow of wheat. The best service we can offer is to reflect on your plastic products all the colors offered by the universe.


We model unique masterbatches for your projects, with endless shades for imagination. We formulate quality products that are always certified.

After-sales assistance

We are your scientific partners. The back office team is always connected with you, and technicians are available to assist you even after your purchase.

Technical support

For you, we are there. We accompany you throughout the process, helping you make the best choice to realize your dream.

Services for recycled plastic

We support you in the green choice, which we fully share. Respect for the environment is an important part of our ethics.