Gaypa today

Organic evolution


Our philosophy and activities are based on research and development in various sectors relative to materials, processes and requirements.
As a natural outcome, the entire business structure relays on the laboratory and the resources that manage the informations. The entire portfolio benefits of this: it expands constantly enriched by the new solutions.

That's the deep meaning of partnership: working on your projects for efficient, innovative and ecological solutions.

Solutions for all

Having more than 40.000 recipes, we are sure we have one for you too.

Committed resources

More than 20% of our employees is dedicated to research and development.


In addition to the laboratory's devices for material analysis, we have a wide range of machineries to simulate all our cusotmers' processes.


From projecting to manufacturing, we have full control of processes, materials and information.


Our manufactoring technologies have been evolved during time, keeping high quality and safety standards, recognized by the today's market.
Our strong belief is that physical dispersion and its deep control are necessary technological elements to produce masterbatches, without chemical shortcuts, without compatibility compromises.

The development and the use of monobatches grant the maximum performances to all our products; on the other side, we achieve a productive flexibility that satisfies the widest needs in terms of lead-time and batch size.

Technology and experience

Screw profiles and extruders designed for each single chemical substance, granting the highest quality monobatches.

Continuous dosing

Homogeneous batches, from the single bag ones to those of dozens of metric tons, without wastes and never off-grade.

Exactly the same product

Thanks to UPM, it's possible to have the same masterbatch, made with the same materials and with the same quality standards all over the world.

Purity. Always.

Our masterbatches are produced in totally controlled sites to avoid emissions in the environment.

Integrated system

Considering information so vital, we have developed internally softwares to manage such data; every batch keeps the log of all the previous manufatoring steps, up to the raw materials.
The features of any final masterbatch are inherited and updated in this way, a total warranty for the customer.

Gaypa is one of the first italian masterbatches companies to have achieved the Certification ISO 9000.