Markets and applications

Abstract made visible

The colour of an object represents its soul. Our speciality is to realize the most suitable colour that expresses the desired message. This is the real essence of our “tailor-made” philosophy.


Flexible or rigid. Aesthetical or functional. From cosmetics to food, from pharmaceuticals to industrial, any typology of packaging has different needs. All our solutions for this market .

Consumer goods

Our world is full of plastic objects that we use on a daily basis; households, stationaries, toys, clothing industry, just to mention few.

Durable goods

There are products that live many years and need both specific solutions and peculiar characteristics. From electronic to building, from automotive to furniture, we have acquired a high experience in all these markets, during time.


Film, fibers, WNW, sheets, cables and profiles, one-step blow moulding.


Injection, microinjection with hot runners, co- and gas-injection.

Special processes

Rotomoulding, casting, thermoforming, stretching.