Our statement and our commitment

Carbon Dioxide

In addition to adopting the “environment friendly” as a principal criterion for the selection of raw material, we at Gaypa have revolutionised – and to this day we continue to do so – the internal production processes: by rationalisation of production cycles, we have reduced the energy consumption and optimised transportation.

Natural Resource

We at Gaypa strive to safeguarding the environmental heritage: internal circuits allowed to contain emissions of toxic substances both in the atmosphere and the aquifers.

Smart Recycling

Fighting waste is a moral duty. From the formulation of the master to efficiently colour recycled plastics, to the use of compounds completely non-toxic to allow the reuse of the manufactured packaging, we at Gaypa dedicated ourselves to the research of innovative solutions for waste recycling.

Health and Safety

From the processing phases to the sales of the finished product, we at Gaypa put before anything else peoples’ health: automated manipulation of materials, informed choice of the best raw material available in the market, and the political decision to exclude VHC substances are some of our strategic decisions to improve quality of life.